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40-041 Katowice

The Upper Silesian Pantheon in Katowice 

The Upper Silesian Pantheon in Katowice is a new cultural institution whose aim is to present not only the rich economic but also social resources of the Silesian region as a valuable part of the Republic of Poland. The story of the last one hundred years of Upper Silesian history will be written through the biographies and achievements of the most important people “from here” ‒ Silesian insurgents, victims of totalitarian systems, people of the Church as well as the prominent representatives of science, culture and sport.

The establishment of the Upper Silesian Pantheon was initiated in 2013 in Katowice by His Exellency Archbishop Wiktor Skworc, PhD. Design and construction works started in 2018. In 2020 an agreement concerning the establishment and management of a new cultural institution, run together by the Silesian Voivodeship, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Archdiocese of Katowice and the City of Katowice, was signed.

An exhibition devoted to scientists, artists and philanthropists distinguished for the region has been prepared on an area of over two thousand square metres. Clergy of various denominations, Silesian insurgents, political and social activists, artists ‒ in a word, people thanks to whom Upper Silesia was becoming more and more modern ‒ have also found their place at the exhibition. The basement of the Katowice Cathedral, unused for decades, was chosen for the project due to the fact of being a very architecturally interesting space. It is located in the centre of Katowice, in a representative building that figures on the list of the Monuments of History.

The Upper Silesian Pantheon, presented in the Archcathedral of Christ the King in Katowice, is an institution that serves as a monument commemorating the return of Upper Silesia to the reborn Poland after over 600 years of Czech, Austrian and German rule. It will tell the history of Upper Silesia through the biographies of remarkable individuals. It is exceptional people, not coal or steel, that constitute the greatest value of this land.

Thanks to the biographies of the outstanding inhabitants of Upper Silesia, which could become an inspiration for any of us, the Upper Silesian Pantheon will popularize knowledge about the history of the 20th and 21st century as well as initiate cultural, scientific and educational activities in this field. By propagating the love for the little homeland as an inseparable part of the Republic of Poland, the initiatives of the Pantheon will make it possible to actively participate in the construction of national identity and of the society built on Christian values.

On the permanent exhibition, situated in the basement of the Archcathedral of Christ the King in Katowice, you will get acquainted with interesting biographies of:

  • laureates of the Lux ex Silesia Award,
  • people of science,
  • people of literature,
  • people of music,
  • people of sport,
  • insurgents and people of the interwar period,
  • victims and heroes of the fight against totalitarian systems,
  • social activists, politicians and administration workers,
  • priests and nuns,
  • saints.

Opening hours of the exhibition:

Monday ‒ exhibition closed
Tuesday ‒ Friday ‒ 9-17
Saturday ‒ 10-18
Sunday ‒ 13-18
Please note: Last admission one hour before closing.


The Upper Silesian Pantheon in Katowice
49a Plebiscytowa Street
40‒041 Katowice

phone number 32 400 82 72 (office) 

phone number 784 906 432  (touring) 

WWW: www.panteon-gornoslaski.pl
FB: @panteongornoslaski

Guide services in English 

The Upper Silesian Pantheon can be visited with a guide in English, by appointment. The tour lasts about 60 minutes. It is possible to prepare an individual tour path for a given group (e.g., telling about selected biographies or the history of Upper Silesia in the 20th and 20th centuries). For the comfort of your tour, the group can be max. 15 people.

Fees for guided service in English: PLN 150 + group discounted ticket per person (PLN 10).

Registration by e-mail: biuro@panteon-gornoslaski.pl